Designing in Depth :: How Material Design Impacted my UX Design Projects

One of the biggest problems I liked to solve in my projects that had more 3D/Material Design type content, eg., designing guitars, was which design techniques, elements or processes to use to make things more realistic, stand-out or off the page so-to-speak. Learn more below »

Projects :: Retrospection

Below is variety of visual communication, graphical, product & user experience focused projects

Proj 1 :: Board Game Redesign

Proof of Concept Design: Researched, User Tested, 3D Game-Package Mockups, Product Photos + more [based on the popular TriOminos® board game]

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Proj 2 :: Healthcare Clinic Website

Full Redesign of established, highly visited Spokane Valley, Washington general health care / family practice clinic

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Proj 3 :: Guitar Maker Start-Up

3D Production & Package design project, complete with: Branding + Logo creation + Product Photography & Style Guides

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Proj 4 :: Kitchen Appliance Redesign

Product + UX + UI Re-Design Project, complete with: Proof of Concept Prototype designed in Figma + Style Guide

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Proj 5 :: Digital Photography

Gallery of works, including: Product, HDR Architecture, Portrait & Landscape Photography + Processing Tech used

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Proj 6 :: Branding + Logos

Highlights of Design Processes + Techniques + Best Practices used in college and post grad/recent projects

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